Tuesday, 4 March 2014

MasterChef Ireland 2014

So... I applied for MasterChef Ireland...
I still can't quite believe that I did it... But I did. With only two hours to go until the deadline for submission of applications, I quickly filled out the form... Paused for a second, thought "should I do this?"... and pressed SEND. My application was in.

I have been a fan of the programme since it was first broadcast by the BBC in the UK, but I had always thought it looked so pressurized and stressful! I felt so sorry for contestants who had disasters in the kitchen because, in the main, you could see that they were all passionate about food and cooking. I often wondered how I would feel in the same situation if my cooking were to be criticized. When MasterChef Ireland started in 2011 I became an avid viewer. It was every bit as tough as the UK version and I thought that Nick Munier and Dylan McGrath, the two judges were great!
I have always loved cooking. I enjoy the processes involved, the different things you can produce with a range of ingredients. Most importantly I enjoy eating! At a very fundamental level, I think that to be good at cooking, you have to enjoy eating!

The thing is... Friends and family tell you that your cooking is great but they ARE going to say that aren't they?? Granted, my nearest and dearest have always appeared to enjoy eating what I cook and cooking for them gives me great pleasure. I have always thought that I was a better than average home cook, but to expose yourself publicly to being assessed and possibly criticized?...AND... ON... THE... TELLY...??? Oh Jaysis!

But you know what - sometimes you have to take risks in life. Sometimes you have to do something that you never thought you'd do in a million years... Sometimes you have to do things that take you out of your comfort zone.

Because by doing so, you never know what great adventures and experiences lie ahead... And what interesting, funny and unique people you'll meet.

First aired on RTE1; 8.30pm, 4th March 2014.